Kevin reached out to me expressing his wish to surprise his beloved girlfriend with a secret proposal. Obviously, I was there with him 100%! I sent him some locations I had scouted and we eventually picked out one perfect spot. The date was set on one fine evening in late August and as this was a surprise Nicki had no idea that I would even be there.  Will she say yes? 

The setting was perfect, from the warm weather to the beautiful light coming from the approaching golden hour. I waited for them on the bridge, out of sight and as I saw them approaching I got into position. As if by magic, the bells of Westerkerk started to ringing as Kevin asked the all important question.  

Later, he told me that it made it even more emotional as he always saw church bells as a good sign. Nicki was also filled with so much emotion that she could not hold back the tears. She couldn’t stop looking at the ring on her finger and was overcome with happiness. The love and positivity vibrated from this lovely couple that I could help but get a little emotional myself.

We then spent the rest of the session doing a romantic engagement session. I could not be happier with the outcome of this Amsterdam proposal and equally as important I could not be happier for the couple. 

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