July in Amsterdam is beautiful, the streets are lined with greenery and flowers adorn every doorway. In fact, it is the perfect time for your engagement session as there is no place like Amsterdam in the summer. Ethan and Alexa are a newly engaged couple looking to start their exciting new chapter. They reached out to me as they were looking to do an Amsterdam engagement photography session. Moreover, they wanted to celebrate this momentous occasion with a photoshoot. Needless to say, I was so thrilled that they asked me to be their engagement photographer.

My job as an engagement photographer is to make the couple feel at ease, feel natural and as comfortable as possible. For example, I ask them to focus on each other, to ignore the camera pointing at them and to connect to each other whether it is by touch or by sight. Finally, newly engaged couples are a dream to photograph!  They are entering a new and uncharted phase of their relationship so of course their love is tangible. You just need to remind them of the love and without double it won’t be difficult to see the sparks. On this occasion the couple were in their own little love bubble and any anxiety they felt at the start of the session naturally melted away.  

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