Gene contacted me a few days before his European trip with his girlfriend Gabriella. He enlisted my help in planning a surprise proposal in Amsterdam. Naturally, I was beyond excited! Incidentally, Gabriella is a talented photographer whom specialised in proposals so Gene had his work cut out keeping this a secret! He also knew the importance of capturing these precious moments and in getting this magical moment just right.

The whole set up was a surprise, Gabriella did not even know there was going to be a photo session. She just thought they were going for a lovely stroll down some cute canal streets! Being a photographer in Amsterdam, I know all the best spots and I sent examples of my previous proposals to Gene. He went with his heart and picked a canal bridge a short distance away from the Anne Frank Musuem. Right on cue Gene leads Gabriella to our planned “meeting place”. After a few moments of admiring the beautiful canal view, it was Gene’s cue to go down on bended knee. The reaction on Gabriella’s face said it all, she was so emotional and overjoyed. The feeling of love and warmth is so evident in the subsequent engagement session. 

After the photo session, Gabriella thanked me for the capturing the memories as she was so caught up in the emotions of it all that everything flashed by so quickly. Now she has these wonderful keepsakes to cherish as they move on to the next exciting chapter of their lives. 

The all important question of “Will you marry me?” and the short simple answer of “Yes!” is just as important as saying “I do”. For this reason, I love about photographing surprise proposals in Amsterdam.  . 

If you are thinking about popping the question, do not hesitate to send a message!