Alexandra reached out to me as she was in search of an Amsterdam portrait photographer. She was travelling to Europe with her husband Drew from the United States and they wanted to book a couples photoshoot in Amsterdam. It was a very special occasion firstly because they were celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary.  Secondly, they have not had a couples photoshoot in close to 18 years!  In brief, this trip to Amsterdam was a romantic getaway for the couple to explore, reconnect, reminisce all whilst making new memories.

Through our email correspondance, Alexandra asked me for some styling advice for the photoshoot and what would work well for the photos. As it was mid Autumn I recommended cosy layers as it can get chilly in this windy city. In addition I recommended going with muted neutral tones to compliment different shades of brown bricks of the city and the leaves turning auburn.  As you can see in the below photos, she styled both herself and Drew masterfully. Dressed in light camel and mocha which not only harmonised with the surroundings but to each other. Alexandra also wore a beautiful ankle length cardigan which gave great movement in the photos.

I really enjoyed photographing this effortlessly cool couple and it was an honour to capture this special anniversary with them. 

Do you have a special someone whom you would like to celebrate, please get in touch! Book your couples photoshoot in Amsterdam today!