A gloriously warm summer evening in August on the sandy beach of Zaandvort near Amsterdam where we did this maternity photo shoot and we couldn’t have found a more perfect location. As Jessica loved nature and swimming we felt this was the perfect spot where she could move and be free to express her real emotions. ¬†Jessica was glowing, blossoming and radiated an aura of light and life. This was her second baby and she knew it was important to capture this special moment as her family was continuing to grow. Through talking to Jessica and doing this session I learnt that taking the time for yourself, doing something for yourself before your baby arrives is one of the nicest things you can do. It was also touching that when she made her selections, she tried to look at it from her babies eyes, she imaged what the baby would like to see and how her mum was when she was growing inside her tummy. It is this unspoken connection with someone whom you have yet to meet but you know you will already love with all your heart. Documenting this miraculous journey is writing a little love note to your older self and to your unborn child.¬†

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