Lowen & Family Portrait Session
As an Amsterdam portrait and lifestyle photographer, it is an absolute  dream to be able to connect with the family during a newborn baby portrait session.  Welcoming a new member into the family is always a magical moment. It is even more of a milestone moment when the member of the family is the couple’s first child. The feeling of holding your bundle of joy in your arms or catching that smile or in this case the cutest yawn is just priceless (see first photo for cutest overload). Everything is still so new for the parents and as you see the bonding happening it really is very moving to see.

Babies are growing and developing so rapidly especially during these first weeks and months, each week you find out a little bit more about their personality. Within a matter of weeks they won’t be able to fit into the palm of your hands anymore. They will start to be more aware of their surroundings and others around them. All the more reason why you want to capture all the new memories as a family right away and there is no better way than with a newborn baby portrait session. I strongly believe that photos are one of the few things in life that truly increases in value over time.

Do you have a new born on the way and you are thinking about creating these memories for your own family? Then book your portrait session now don’t delay! If you want to capture newborn portraits then try to do this before 6 weeks as this is when start to get bigger and become more alert. But there is never not a good time to create memories that will last a lifetime! Having said that, you will never regret having photos of your baby at any age!

Or are  you are expecting a child and you want to capture the miracle of pregnancy? I also do pregancy portait sessions. Please get in touch via email or contact me here