Amsterdam Wedding Photographer | The Perfect Day

Apr 23, 2021

Here is the first blog on my new website and as a Amsterdam wedding photographer, I couldn’t think of a better start than sharing one of my favourite moments of my career. I had the pleasure and opportunity to be a second shooter and below is a little introduction of my work as an Amsterdam wedding photographer!

It was a beautiful dutch countryside wedding held at Boerderij Langerlust which is just a short ride from Amsterdam. We were greeted with wild flower meadows and a vibrant orchard brimming with delicious pears. It was the perfect backdrop to the perfect wedding for Ashley and Danny.

So many special moments were captured but I wanted to share some of my favourites which are always the candid moments shared between people. These moments of connection is what I live for as a portrait photographer. I also had a soft spot for the Opa, I mean just look at this face!

Family and friends are such an important part of the day which is why I love photographing weddings. The happiness and joy on Ashley’s face radiated and her best friends were by her side to share in the moment.

Once ceremony was completed next came the cocktails, food and party!

I think this photo perfectly captivates the warmth, love and vibrant energy of the day. I feel like you can almost hear the friendly banter, the laughter and the clinking of wine glasses in this photo. What makes a good dinner setting? Good food, good wine and even better company.

If you are looking for a wedding photographer to capture these special moments on your big day and you can imagine yourselves and your loved ones in the above photos then please drop me a message or go here . I would love to hear from you!